B树的B是什么意思, 我来BB一下

       一直听过什么B树, 但一直不知道这个B是什么意思, 所以来BB一下。

       这个问题其实没有任何意义, 后来在维基百科上看到了很好的解释, 一起来看看:


         Rudolf Bayer and Ed McCreight invented the B-tree while working at Boeing Research Labs in 1971 (Bayer & McCreight 1972), but they did not explain what, if anything, the B stands for. Douglas Comer explains:

The origin of “B-tree” has never been explained by the authors. As we shall see, “balanced,” “broad,” or “bushy” might apply. Others suggest that the “B” stands for Boeing. Because of his contributions, however, it seems appropriate to think of B-trees as “Bayer”-trees. (Comer 1979, p. 123 footnote 1)

         Donald Knuth speculates on the etymology of B-trees in his May, 1980 lecture on the topic “CS144C classroom lecture about disk storage and B-trees”, suggesting the “B” may have originated from Boeing or from Bayer’s name.[2]

Ed McCreight answered a question on B-tree’s name in 2013:

Bayer and I were in a lunchtime where we get to think [of] a name. And … B is, you know … We were working for Boeing at the time, we couldn’t use the name without talking to lawyers. So, there is a B.

 [The B-tree] has to do with balance, another B. 

Bayer was the senior author, who [was] several years older than I am and had many more publications than I did. So there is another B. 

And so, at the lunch table we never did resolve whether there was one of those that made more sense than the rest. What really lives to say is: the more you think about what the B in B-trees means, the better you understand B-trees.”[3]

    原文地址: https://blog.csdn.net/stpeace/article/details/78070814


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