SAP Kyma(Extension Factory on SAP Cloud Platform)的架构简介

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SAP kyma主要分三大块组成:

《SAP Kyma(Extension Factory on SAP Cloud Platform)的架构简介》

(1) Application connector

simplify and securely connect external systems to Kyma and to register the events and APIs of the external system


(2) Service Catalog

unifies the way you consume internal and external services. It also lists the events and APIs from the registered system.

允许应用开发人员以统一的方式消费内外部服务。通过Service Catalog,我们可以获得Kyma注册的外部系统的API和可供监听的事件。

(3) 通过knative模块提供的serveless功能块。

serverless functionality leveraged through the Knative integration, which allows you to build lambda functions to react to events asynchronously coming from connected systems.

可以使用Lamdba函数开发来自通过Application Connector连接的外部系统抛出的事件。


It also enables you to do quick deployments, with higher scalability and loose coupling through events.

While Knative concentrates more on providing the building blocks for running serverless workloads, Kyma focuses on integrating those blocks with external services and applications.